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New Products

  • 2” 50MP 3.1μmLarge Format Lenses

    1. Large image size of φ32mm with M42-mount or TFL-mount.
    2. High quality lenses with a resolving power of 3.1μm.
    3. Suitable for 8K resolution and are rated at up to 50 megapixel for use with top performance cameras.
  • 1” 12MP 3.1μmVIS to SWIR

    1. A maximum of 12 megapixel and 3.1μm performance
    2. Virtually zero focus shift from visible to 2000nm wavelength range.
    3. Utilizes ultra wideband multi-coatings to increase transmission.
  • 1.1” 24MP 2.5μmOptimized for SONY Sensors

    1. 2.5μm pixel pitch high resolution compact lens.
    2. Optimizes for SONY SensorsIMX183,530/540, 531/541, 253/304
    3. Compatible with maximum 1.2inch format size.
      *Except for LM6/8FC24M
  • 2/3” 2MP 4.5μmRuggedized Waterproof

    1. Designed for use in environments with strong vibrations and shocks
    2. Waterproof IP67 with suitable camera
    3. Utilizing two ways reversible nut contributes to the prevention of screw dropping troubles.

Featured Products

  • Featured Products2/3” 5MP 3.45μmUltra-Compact C-mount

    1. One of the industry’s smallest and lightest 5 megapixel.
    2. Roughly half the size of Kowa’s current 2/3” 5MP JC5M2 series
    3. Unique mechanical design to guard against strong vibration and shock.
  • 1” Large FormatWide product range (4.7mm~)

    1. Up to 5 megapixels performance
    2. Excellent corner brightness
    3. High performance compact lenses
    4. Low distortion
  • 1” Large FormatSWIR(800nm-1900nm)

    1. Incorporating Kowa’s special coating technology, the 1′′ format HC-SW series will maintain high transmission from 800nm to 1900nm.
    2. Designed for Near Infrared(NIR) and Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) applications
  • 1/2.5” S-mount Wide and Low distortion

    1. Low distortion
    2. Wide optical design
    3. High transmission from VIS to NIR